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kick back

& Meet Well

Revitalize digital gatherings with Unmatched Engagement for Elevated Learning, Collaboration, and Culture.


Sharpen the Focus

Capture attention like never before, making every meeting a truly interactive experience.


Collaborate & Connect

Foster authentic connection while breaking down virtual barriers for seamless collaboration.


Real-time Insights

Read the Room instantly, and refine your approach with post-meeting analysis.


Yet Intentional

From meetings to workshops, kick back space adapts to your collaborative needs.

A Dynamic Space

For All

Explore impromptu whiteboards, share files naturally, and instantly screen-share in kick back space, all while hearing conversations just like you would in person.

A mockup of people dynamically collaborating in rich virtual environment

Backed by People Who Care

Brandon S.

People & Product

Brandon listens to your challenges, turning them into impactful features and lasting partnerships.

Rocco H.

Product & Eng

Rocco steers product and dives into engineering, ensuring a seamless blend of vision and execution.

Bogdan M.


Bogdan transforms vision into reality, committed to enriching digital interactions.

Tabitha N.


With deep L&D expertise, Tabitha advises and believes we're transforming how people connect and learn.

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Feel Free

Craft The World

Step into a realm where limitations fade, giving you the freedom to create, collaborate, and enrich in your own unique way.


No Downloads

Jump right into your virtual space with just a few clicks—no special hardware or headsets.


Data Privacy

We're GDPR enthusiasts who encrypt your data end-to-end, ensuring your privacy is always a priority.


Room for All

Our architecture is designed for growth, starting with 50 users and expanding to 200 in a space by late 2024.


What Matters

Immerse to focus and engage, scaffold to guide—elevate the effectiveness of your meetings and events.

Our Philosphy

Be Part of the Change

Join us in making every connection meaningful.

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